*First Newsletter Published July 2013

    * Executive Council Meeting occurred July 2013

    *Chapter Flyer Released February 2013

    * SFC Rooney Chapter of the U.S. Army      

      Ordnance Corps Association chartered on


    * First ALL MEMBER Meeting of the SFC Rooney

      Chapter scheduled for 01/29/2014 at MAARNG

      JFHQ, Hanscom AFB, MA. Room W119 at 1600


Introducing the SFC Robert E. Rooney Massachusetts Chapter of the US Army Ordnance Corps Association. Officially Chartered on the 21st of February 2013 in honored memory of SFC Robert Rooney; a dedicated Massachusetts Army National Guard Veteran and Ordnance Corps Soldier who lost his life in the service of his Country during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Kuwait on the 25th of September 2003. 

Chapter Mission Statement: Dedicated to the preservation and support of the traditions established by the US Army Ordnance Corps, and to keep our members informed of trends, developments, and future issues that affect this Corps.

Founded by the following Board of Officers and Executive Council Members:
CW4 David K. Cunniff chiefdc1@gmail.com President; CW4 Lawrence E. Waters ironhog96@gmail.com Vice President; CW4 Robert S. Hallinan bhallinan@plymouthrock.com Treasurer;
CW2 Michelle J. Ramsey ramseyhd1200@aol.com Secretary
Executive Council: CW5 (R) Peter C. Georgenes pcgeorgenes@gmail.com; CW5 (R) Michael H. Sellars sellarspsd@gmail.com; CPT Patrick B. Alamed palamed@gmail.com; CW2 Gary R. Jewell 32beach32@gmail.com; and MSG (R) Joseph M. Tavares joe.tavares@comcast.net

Membership: You must be a member in good standing of the NATIONAL U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Association prior to joining our LOCAL Chapter. You can access the Ordnance Corps Association at
http://www.usaocaweb.org/. After you've joined the NATIONAL OD Corps Association, please ensure you elect to affiliate with the SFC Rooney Chapter by simply filling out the complete form, to include "Rank, Status, Category and Chapter Affiliation (SFC Robert E. Rooney Ordnance Chapter) and scan, fax or mail the filled out form to ramseyhd1200@aol.com. You can then join the SFC Robert Rooney OD Chapter by simply sending your $20.00 payment to our mailing address, or by handing directly to any of our Officers or Executive Council Members. Please see the Membership Page for more information.
    By Laws

* First ALL MEMBER Meeting of the SFC Rooney Chapter Scheduled for 01/29/2014 at MAARNG JFHQ, Hanscom AFB, MA.  Room W119 at 1600 hrs


Kicked off the 2nd Annual SFC Rooney Fall Scholarship Fundraiser Cookout at Memorial Park at Hanscom, AFB on 9/26/2015. Thanks to all who attended, wished to attend, and to all who contributed to make this event a great success! 

* Boston Celtics Raffle Ticket Drawing for the SFC Rooney Scholarship Fund was held on 11/28/2014.  We certainly appreciate EVERYONE'S support and contributions to the raffle ticket sales!

* Executive Council Meeting of the SFC Rooney OD Chapter held a quarterly teleconference on 11/19/2015 at 1500 hrs.

* General Chapter "ALL" Member Meeting scheduled for 12/30/2014 at 1700 in Room W119.


SFC Robert E. Rooney Chapter

February is a Month in Which We Celebrate and Honor Our Former Presidents and Celebrate Black History Month in Remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!


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